Harley-Davidson Roadster- Prueba Review En Español

By | December 15, 2020


 harley-davidson sportster’s 2016 roadster-tests, opinions and details  hello friends like youtube welcome another new video festival  today we bring you 1,200 harley-davidson robots 2017  it  time  the director may not be recognized by many people, but  this is the answer, the most expensive of all, the cheapest value of 199,000 people  233,000 or so because we have a super different style a little more  motorsports or 200,000 pairs of classic evolution  cc this is a five-speed clos  oil-immersed multi-disc which is the engine of all wives  but this is 1200 you can see here as  you and all the famous climbers in russia to complete this, these  it’s me all this is very different between some of the models that come  in this case, chromium plating comes as a granulating frosted meter type  because it has 103 newton metro 3.700 revolution and the trademark is not us  provides a measurement of horses, but may have approximately less than these engines  70 883 is about 50, which is about 70 is also another  for example, it says that in detail here i center to here, we have a  who is the father of the very details, in the 1200 other models do not look  i want to see that there is this detail in black and different finish  other models and how about your mood regulation suspension  pre-installed who can see their top-line royal page  how many postcards are floating,


if you 83 have the usual hope  the best suspension you have to buy it, but these  the series has brought, walked in the harley belt now  i want to see the style interspersed because it involves packing up  thanks to him wanting to give the style this apart from motorcycles  the plate is usually not visible on this type of motorcycle and these tires also  why they are something special because they are radial  the other harlem is like this special tire  dynamic appearance and brand dunlop and interesting and beautiful  these bikes are, the tires said in this section harley davidson  i think your 292 mm disk is a very large disk as  the double-piston calipers and interesting and great of this design is,  children are made of aluminum, specially designed,  it’s generally shallow.

I want to see if this car is  only all designs are aimed at 43,000 meters of these bars  there is no operator side, it has its upside and no pension  other things are dual front disc brakes, which are 300mm or  2300mm harley remember all there is now  abs series, want to see this edge 120 70 19 also with the rim  radial tires are said to be harley-davidson on one side and with  the brand aluminum ring tells us that there are five mountains, although 5  all the doubles on the five side of the five peak east side and look very good  we have a 12.5 liter fuel tank  quite a big remember, anger is one thing,  super small, this is very similar to airon, a very nice game  with this handlebar is up your arms is a little movement  if this is like characteristic this bike is a small sport and  what i see is that the pedals are exactly in the middle  then let you fine pp here, but maybe these are rare  i’m here for a time, but i said who the boss is is not at all comfortable,  height of 785 mm seat which is a bit taller and makes harley  i think this is the highest, but interesting because you think  it’s useless for me to be thin.


It’s very good to mention 163,000.  Prompt that the tail light i want to see is  they are all integrated we no longer have the key red here, but the same quarter  here we have our back focus and our directional well as  the intermittent is so big, how can no friend remove them  here are the intermittent and red eyes or more precisely, our  focus unemployed i want to see what your board for it  unusual because because there is no other wife with each of these revolutions  usually only they have speed, in this case we have odometer  rpm to 6000 rpm bbc indicator, hope you can see  this detail, how we can see the speed odometer here, but there are other  closer function time next to  if there were 32 such cutting-edge odometers last month  our left leg bright spot and weak light are like a light trigger  step left speaker and flashing and accessories  tribuno switch between time and 32  i want to see the quality of the cable material  rock it has intermittent current short right click  the motorcycle with an intermittent weight of 259 kg is  can’t just say that jable is so important,

and that it’s  just remember to be heavy on the street  , weighing about 450 kg then it is 259 because it is saying  light except their wheels make it  lighter weight package and price 232 000 900 pesos  the fact is, i found a good set at this price  i think an excellent bike and the height of the ground clearance is 150mm  this is because we are very important that everything will be posted on any stop or pass  generally, most of harley’s passengers fail to stop loss  passengers are not without faults and never stop  so it is definitely a good option, of course this is the most  quan’s wife, so we can have bound friends, let’s start  test if what we see here is the classic harley key remember,  all the existence of carrying the key, not us in your pocket, not the key  getting this bike will start ringing at the time to bring us down  if they have the key, let us give it to her friend  classic gentleman decided to leave  good friend first trial is very big and comfortable bike  we are progressing towards a small slope, but to some extent  it’s strange that like other horns he announced a more comfortable 


the phobia chano lobato once directed forward because i can’t rotate  rivers is also with questions such as i want to see how concentrated it is  and a chair for my feet 90 degrees, and it’s a position, it’s  relax your back and time comfortable, but do not know the same time  it may be a bit harsh, maybe give two during the day, only not recommended  on the one hand because although it’s very comfortable it’s not very soft, so  go home to do a harley bad weather too  not always with other areas’ do they slow down and receive all other  this is where we test the channel has actually almost  all  let’s try the classic brakes here again  cuau  this kind of double disc brake must be so strange, because in  others only say they can see and should turn  standing we can also see that we speed up the numbers  stone network for more style racing, but we can also see if  such numbers provide us with a lot of information,

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i don’t know what it is  restrictions or what engine series it gives us a lot of information, but  we can clearly see the range well, what we know  more or less power three thousand 500 now know where he is  when the maximum torque caused them to reach sitton was the first school  they can see it goes well  73 dead  illegal 112 com latercera december 15-30  let’s take a look at dynamic effective and easy movement  because it’s the higher fact that these new very different situations come  others just because it is also suspension is much better,  it’s also fake is easier as the highest quality  in addition to tilting the new radial tires to help us too  know that this is a distortion, it should have a larger range of rotation  others give it a large angle of rotation  and help us human nature is good we can deal with a lot in the city  the easier it is between the cars to let us and the much more  easier than those easier to follow this law, we also deal with  it helps a lot, the last feeling is no  i have seen that the working method is a strange combination strategy  custom bikes and motorcycles between sports let them pass us  that the official launch of this bike has a dynamic character and they  the other said the cables are not so fast because they  plot allows attack  so fast  i think we will find another family easily  amicca, very good, very good braking front and back reflections and  something like good cornering stability is not so common  halle but sure we are here  looking for the real, which is an odd combination like a robot  it feels a little weird,


i don’t feel i’m in complete control  if you want to invest in portfolio but you can be sure that a bicycle is me  we like too many things we audition to do this  beautiful because we forgot to know this is  the characteristics of all the wives when the motor moves in all directions  because if he wants, he can, but this thing is very special, let them know what  real betis is so good is a classic’ll look at the district and  revolution  friends, you don’t think the voice is very strong, because the reason for running away is  agent harley do you remember that you can take scrimini and hyams away  there can be many escapes  in addition,

there are many self-owned brands that can only achieve  indian agency ians on a bike and i’m like i think it’s quite  i really like the game as far as the wife is good, if  do you want or hesitate to buy the cheapest, or  the only difference in the mask is 30,000 32,000 pesos  admittedly, these 32,000 pesos make a difference because these are all because  suspension, if you want them to separate they will have about 80 million pesos  or eating dogs, lions  everything aside, if the engine 1200 is not we say no  in addition to the superb style of chronicle changes  father with lumbar support and at the time of arrival  they know that everyone has a lot because it is very good to support the bread is the tank  the media is not the smallest or the largest  but since it is a good measure of gasoline for the wife  very good autonomy has brakes to know that if there are 210 studies, they gave 8.5  talking about ten we talked about brakes very little  unami 600 happened well and they will be at 8.5 is not the best  market, but we have some abc shortcomings we can find  i think its price but we have but when that is another thing  if you are a girl who is a bit bajita maybe it costs a bit  drive because it is a little higher,


but i think that whatever it is  he holds and experiences street patterns  i think it will be easier like this  disadvantages we have no choice but to petrol, but hey, this is for him  girl this is a world calling style  classic, you know to open your tank a classic shake  let science  meter  well, we are here with aaron the owner of the bicycle is his brother thank you very much  a few words about the age of the motorcycle that has been lent to him is a beautiful woman  say a word of greetings and some suggestions is there any way to shoot in haredo  once taken care and well tested, comment our other details  traffic can be obtained now, if the wife may become bulky feet not  it’s a bit embarrassing to turn the foot around  take a look at how to avoid the activation of passenger flow anywhere in the post  heavy, you have to lower too much enough to surround zapién or cause  they are all a bit stiff not if the details are in town when it overheats  and a lot of truth, if after a little hot time  it feels hot from the engine,

but now it’s normal to lose  where do people who are used to knowing it is super normal come from  very small bikes, if they go to them, handle the traffic and say, oh my god  but this will not be unknown, but it is normal in these  the bike is really not reachable if you don’t use it will be annoying  but it depends on everyone, we he also commented that you don’t like it  so we have a clip where there is a part flange of truth  what good details from here  except but, hey, i think it can do more with hurley  the quality is not as good as we finish but overall the bike is perfect  anything you do not like this detail is not the only detail and us  commented that about three hours of management and rest, or if you really  in the driving position we are still very very long remains  after 3 hours of doing things, i have come back tired to peru  after 2 hours of long-distance travel below, two and a half hours, they will  a good friend also told us that passengers suffer to a certain extent because  and then sat down is not the most comfortable world  maybe this is a subjective happiness bought by subtle marketing  passengers don’t support one i feel more comfortable but good  the seats at the conductor effie are good because they are friends  i hope you like to leave a comment  if you like this motorcycle, wait for the motorcycle to ask us to take that  the channel is not as good friends, but they like to tie the knot below  video bay  more

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I Want To See If This Car Is  Only All Designs Are Aimed At 43,000 Meters Of These Bars  There Is No Operator Side, It Has Its Upside And No Pension  Other Things Are Dual Front Disc Brakes, Which Are 300mm Or  2300mm Harley Remember All There Is Now  Abs Series, Want To See This Edge 120 70 19 Also With The Rim  Radial Tires Are Said To Be Harley-Davidson On One Side And With  The Brand Aluminum Ring Tells Us That There Are Five Mountains, Although 5  All The Doubles On The Five Side Of The Five Peak East Side And Look Very Good  We Have A 12.5 Liter Fuel Tank  Quite A Big Remember, Anger Is One Thing,  Super Small, This Is Very Similar To Airon, A Very Nice Game  With This Handlebar Is Up Your Arms Is A Little Movement  If This Is Like Characteristic This Bike Is A Small Sport And  What I See Is That The Pedals Are Exactly In The Middle  Then Let You Fine Pp Here, But Maybe These Are Rare  I’m Here For A Time, But I Said Who The Boss Is Is Not At All Comfortable,  Height Of 785 Mm Seat Which Is A Bit Taller And Makes Harley  I Think This Is The Highest, But Interesting Because You Think  It’s Useless For Me To Be Thin.

It’s Very Good To Mention 163,000.  Prompt That The Tail Light I Want To See Is  They Are All Integrated We No Longer Have The Key Red Here, But The Same Quarter  Here We Have Our Back Focus And Our Directional Well As  The Intermittent Is So Big, How Can No Friend Remove Them  Here Are The Intermittent And Red Eyes Or More Precisely, Our  Focus Unemployed I Want To See What Your Board For It  Unusual Because Because There Is No Other Wife With Each Of These Revolutions  Usually Only They Have Speed, In This Case We Have Odometer  Rpm To 6000 Rpm Bbc Indicator, Hope You Can See  This Detail, How We Can See The Speed Odometer Here, But There Are Other  Closer Function Time Next To  If There Were 32 Such Cutting-Edge Odometers Last Month  Our Left Leg Bright Spot And Weak Light Are Like A Light Trigger  Step Left Speaker And Flashing And Accessories  Tribuno Switch Between Time And 32  I Want To See The Quality Of The Cable Material  Rock It Has Intermittent Current Short Right Click  The Motorcycle With An Intermittent Weight Of 259 Kg Is  Can’t Just Say That Jable Is So Important, And That It’s  Just Remember To Be Heavy On The Street  , Weighing About 450 Kg Then It Is 259 Because It Is Saying  Light Except Their Wheels Make It  Lighter Weight Package And Price 232 000 900 Pesos  The Fact Is, I Found A Good Set At This Price  I Think An Excellent Bike And The Height Of The Ground Clearance Is 150mm  This Is Because


We Are Very Important That Everything Will Be Posted On Any Stop Or Pass  Generally, Most Of Harley’s Passengers Fail To Stop Loss  Passengers Are Not Without Faults And Never Stop  So It Is Definitely A Good Option, Of Course This Is The Most  Quan’s Wife, So We Can Have Bound Friends, Let’s Start  Test If What We See Here Is The Classic Harley Key Remember,  All The Existence Of Carrying The Key, Not Us In Your Pocket, Not The Key  Getting This Bike Will Start Ringing At The Time To Bring Us Down  If They Have The Key, Let Us Give It To Her Friend  Classic Gentleman Decided To Leave  Good Friend First Trial Is Very Big And Comfortable Bike  We Are Progressing Towards A Small Slope,

But To Some Extent  It’s Strange That Like Other Horns He Announced A More Comfortable  The Phobia Chano Lobato Once Directed Forward Because I Can’t Rotate  Rivers Is Also With Questions Such As I Want To See How Concentrated It Is  And A Chair For My Feet 90 Degrees, And It’s A Position, It’s  Relax Your Back And Time Comfortable, But Do Not Know The Same Time  It May Be A Bit Harsh, Maybe Give Two During The Day, Only Not Recommended  On The One Hand Because Although It’s Very Comfortable It’s Not Very Soft, So  Go Home To Do A Harley Bad Weather Too  Not Always With Other Areas’ Do They Slow Down And Receive All Other  This Is Where We Test The Channel Has Actually Almost  All  Let’s Try The Classic Brakes Here Again  Cuau  This Kind Of Double Disc Brake Must Be So Strange, Because In  Others Only Say They Can See And Should Turn  Standing We Can Also See That We Speed Up The Numbers  Stone Network For More Style Racing, But We Can Also See If  Such Numbers Provide Us With A Lot Of Information,

I Don’t Know What It Is  Restrictions Or What Engine Series It Gives Us A Lot Of Information, But  We Can Clearly See The Range Well, What We Know  More Or Less Power Three Thousand 500 Now Know Where He Is  When The Maximum Torque Caused Them To Reach Sitton Was The First School  They Can See It Goes Well  73 Dead  Illegal 112 Com Latercera December 15-30  Let’s Take A Look At Dynamic Effective And Easy Movement  Because It’s The Higher Fact That These New Very Different Situations Come  Others Just Because It Is Also Suspension Is Much Better,  It’s Also Fake Is Easier As The Highest Quality  In Addition To Tilting The New Radial Tires To Help Us Too  Know That This Is A Distortion, It Should Have A Larger Range Of Rotation  Others Give It A Large Angle Of Rotation  And Help Us Human Nature Is Good We Can Deal With A Lot In The City  The Easier It Is Between The Cars To Let Us And The Much More  Easier Than Those Easier To Follow This Law, We Also Deal With  It Helps A Lot, The Last Feeling Is No  I Have Seen That The Working Method Is A Strange Combination Strategy  Custom Bikes And Motorcycles Between Sports Let Them Pass Us  That The Official Launch Of This Bike Has A Dynamic Character And They  The Other Said The Cables Are Not So Fast Because They  Plot Allows Attack  So Fast  I Think We Will Find Another Family Easily  Amicca, Very Good, Very Good Braking Front And Back Reflections And  Something Like Good Cornering Stability Is Not So Common  Halle But Sure We Are Here  Looking For The Real, Which Is An Odd Combination Like A Robot  It Feels A Little Weird,

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I Don’t Feel I’m In Complete Control  If You Want To Invest In Portfolio But You Can Be Sure That A Bicycle Is Me  We Like Too Many Things We Audition To Do This  Beautiful Because We Forgot To Know This Is  The Characteristics Of All The Wives When The Motor Moves In All Directions  Because If He Wants, He Can, But This Thing Is Very Special, Let Them Know What  Real Betis Is So Good Is A Classic’ll Look At The District And  Revolution  Friends, You Don’t Think The Voice Is Very Strong, Because The Reason For Running Away Is  Agent Harley Do You Remember That You Can Take Scrimini And Hyams Away  There Can Be Many Escapes  In Addition, There Are Many Self-Owned Brands That Can Only Achieve  Indian Agency Ians On A Bike And I’m Like I Think It’s Quite  I Really Like The Game As Far As The Wife Is Good, If  Do You Want Or Hesitate To Buy The Cheapest, Or  The Only Difference In The Mask Is 30,000 32,000 Pesos  Admittedly, These 32,000 Pesos Make A Difference Because These Are All Because  Suspension, If You Want Them To Separate They Will Have About 80 Million Pesos  Or Eating Dogs, Lions  Everything Aside, If The Engine 1200 Is Not We Say No  In Addition


To The Superb Style Of Chronicle Changes  Father With Lumbar Support And At The Time Of Arrival  They Know That Everyone Has A Lot Because It Is Very Good To Support The Bread Is The Tank  The Media Is Not The Smallest Or The Largest  But Since It Is A Good Measure Of Gasoline For The Wife  Very Good Autonomy Has Brakes To Know That If There Are 210 Studies, They Gave 8.5  Talking About Ten We Talked About Brakes Very Little  Unami 600 Happened Well And They Will Be At 8.5 Is Not The Best  Market, But We Have Some Abc Shortcomings We Can Find  I Think Its Price But We Have But When That Is Another Thing  If You Are A Girl Who Is A Bit Bajita Maybe It Costs A Bit  Drive Because It Is A Little Higher, But I Think That Whatever It Is  He Holds And Experiences Street Patterns  I Think It Will Be Easier Like This  Disadvantages We Have No Choice But To Petrol, But Hey, This Is For Him  Girl This Is A World Calling Style  Classic, You Know To Open Your Tank A Classic Shake  Let Science  Meter  Well, We Are Here With Aaron The Owner Of The Bicycle Is His Brother Thank You Very Much  A Few Words About The Age Of The Motorcycle That Has Been Lent To Him Is A Beautiful Woman  Say A Word Of Greetings And Some Suggestions Is There Any Way To Shoot In Haredo  Once Taken Care And Well Tested, Comment Our Other Details  Traffic Can Be Obtained Now, If The Wife May Become Bulky Feet Not  It’s A Bit Embarrassing To Turn The Foot Around  Take A Look At How To Avoid The Activation Of Passenger Flow Anywhere In The Post  Heavy, You Have To Lower Too Much Enough To Surround Zapién Or Cause  They Are All A Bit Stiff Not If The Details Are In Town When It Overheats  And A Lot Of Truth, If After A Little Hot Time  It Feels Hot From The Engine,


But Now It’s Normal To Lose  Where Do People Who Are Used To Knowing It Is Super Normal Come From  Very Small Bikes, If They Go To Them, Handle The Traffic And Say, Oh My God  But This Will Not Be Unknown, But It Is Normal In These  The Bike Is Really Not Reachable If You Don’t Use It Will Be Annoying  But It Depends On Everyone, We He Also Commented That You Don’t Like It  So We Have A Clip Where There Is A Part Flange Of Truth  What Good Details From Here  Except But, Hey, I Think It Can Do More With Hurley  The Quality Is Not As Good As We Finish But Overall The Bike Is Perfect  Anything You Do Not Like This Detail Is Not The Only Detail And Us  Commented That About Three Hours Of Management And Rest, Or If You Really  In The Driving Position We Are Still Very Very Long Remains  After 3 Hours Of Doing Things, I Have Come Back Tired To Peru  After 2 Hours Of Long-Distance Travel Below, Two And A Half Hours, They Will  A Good Friend Also Told Us That Passengers Suffer To A Certain Extent Because  And Then Sat Down Is Not The Most Comfortable World  Maybe This Is A Subjective Happiness Bought By Subtle Marketing  Passengers Don’t Support One I Feel More Comfortable But Good  The Seats At The Conductor Effie Are Good Because They Are Friends  I Hope You Like To Leave A Comment  If You Like This Motorcycle, Wait For The Motorcycle To Ask Us To Take That  The Channel Is Not As Good Friends, But They Like To Tie The Knot Below  Video Bay  More

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